SMC Grease Specialist, Inc. is a company committed to providing experienced professionals to service the foodservice industry. We assure that every client, large or small will be treated with the same respect, service, and priority they deserve. That is our commitment.

SMC Grease Specialist, Inc. provides the following services:

smc grease specialist Grease Trap Pumping
Grease Recycling
Grease Trap Repairs
Grease Trap Installation
Hydro Jetting Main Lines
Drain Cleaning
Plumbing Repairs

SMC Grease Specialist owns all the equipment needed to complete the job.  Steam Cleaners with 3000 PSI, custom made containers to fit small trash areas, 6500-gallon pump trucks for large grease traps and pipe cameras to help detect broken pipes.

SMC Grease Specialist, Inc. provides and guarantees:

Personal service designed to meet the needs of its clients
Clean containers and drums with lids
On time scheduled grease removal & grease trap service
24-hour service all year long. (including all major holidays)
The convenience of having one company servicing your establishment for Grease Removal, Grease Trap Installation, Grease Trap Repair, Hydro Jetting & Steam Cleaning needs all year round.